My name is Karel BĂ­lek. I am an IT Engineer. I am from Prague, Czech Republic.

I am also Roman Catholic and very happy about that.

Longer things

My longer-ish things.

2020-03-17 Things I hate in go

2022-04-18 Rant about PDFs


Uh some short thoughts

2021-11-16 iMessage is horrible

2021-11-16 I proudly use labels with go loops



I am also on Facebook, not very hard to find, and on LinkedIn (but just for work stuff). Currently I am on Twitter, but considering deleting it, I guess after I get more comfortable here.


In the past, I was more "cypherpunk" than now. I got involved in scraping/archiving Pirate Bay, I got involved in bitcoin development and tooling around that (at one point in 2012, I owned about 30000 BTC, lol).

Nowadays I am not.

2013-02-01 Pirate Bay

2017-08-17 Statistics of bitcoin input script lengths

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