Eman (experiment manager) notes

27 11 2012

Note: eman is an experimental software, and those notes are from around 2013. They can very well be out of date, also the official documentation got much better since.

eman (experiment manager) is a system mainly for experimentation with machine translation system Moses, developed on ÚFAL (Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic), mainly by Onřej Bojar, Aleš Tamchyna, Daniel Zeman.

It is probably still in beta phase and will never have a stable release :)

If it has a homepage, I can never find it. There are some notes here - but those are quite scary looking, not updated anyway and all in Czech. UPDATE: There is now an official webpage here.

These are partly my own notes for things I don’t want to forget, but I write in English in hope someone else will use it.

Eman is a direct “competitor” to EMS, which is bundled with Moses. In my opinion EMS is not as easy to use as Eman, but since Eman has no good documentation, nobody uses it. That’s why I am making these notes :)

  • Prerequisities - what to check before the installation
  • Installation - the installation istelf (which is super quick)
  • Basic concepts - what are the very basic concepts of eman
  • First example experiment - we will build an example experiment from already provided sample corpus. I will talk about more eman concepts along the way.
  • Working on your own data - Now that you understand the basic stuff, how to make your own experiment with your own data?

More notes I have, in no particular order: