I am Mgr. Karel Bílek, born 1988, currently living in Prague. This is my CV.

(Google Docs version of this CV is here. My LinkedIn profile is here.)


Insolve, Irekon

Turnov — 2010 - now

I am writing and maintaining a system for insolvency administrators for easier access to their cases. I am the sole writer and maintainer of the system.

In 2014, I rewrote the system from Client-Server Java GUI application to a browser application, based on Nette/PHP with some bits of JavaScript..

The system helped Irekon become one of the 3 biggest insolvency administrators in Czech Republic, serving more than 1.000 cases.

Vice-chairman, head of IT, head of propagation, Spolek Matfyzák (student club of MFF students)

Prague — 2010-2013

While being at the student club of MFF, I was helping organizing student events. I was fully responsible for website, graphics and propagation on both website and social networks. I was also responsible for several LAMP systems.

FilmTit, Software Project, MFF

MFF school project, Prague — 2012

In a 6-person group, we wrote and deployed system for translation of movie subtitles, mainly from English to Czech. The core of the system was one half Moses, one half traditional translation memory.

Pirate Bay archive


As an experiment, I tried to extract the whole archive of Pirate Bay torrents in magnet format. While it was a light-hearted experiment, it got some media attention - techcrunch, gizmodo, The Verge, venture beat and more

IT helpdesk, Coca-Cola Hellenic

Prague — 2007

I was very briefly working for Coca-Cola Hellenic in Prague at IT helpdesk. I was communicating between outsourced SAP consultants and Coca-Cola employees.


Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics, Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague

Bachelor Degree (Computer Science) — 2007-2011 Master Degree (Computational Linguistics) — 2011-2014

On my master thesis, I worked on machine translation, particularly statistical MT with Moses, for the Czech-Russian language pair. We managed to improve the results significantly.

During my work on this thesis, I managed to get two academic papers published.

Lisbon Machine Learning school


Coursera “Cryptography I” class


Grammar school (Gymnázium), Turnov

High school degree - 1999-2007


  • Perl
  • PHP
  • Java
  • Scala
  • MySQL
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript, jQuery
  • passive knowledge of C/C++/C# and Python
  • Linux, OS X (advanced user)
  • bash scripting
  • Moses MT system
  • Text mining
  • Machine translation
  • Interest in Cryptography
  • Bitcoin protocol
  • Very basic PostgreSQL
  • Graphics in Adobe Illustrator
  • Organizing small group of people


  • Czech (first language)
  • English (fluent)
  • Arabic, Chinese (very basic)


  • In this CV, MFF stands for Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague